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Click for Equipments

Click for Equipments

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Ayurveda Training - www.pabayurveda.com
Ayurveda Therapist Training program

(Four - Eight week)

Ayurveda abhyang Techniques with Marma therapy

(One - Two week)

Ayurveda & Panchakarma therapy

(Two - Four week)

Ayurveda & Beauty care

(One - Two week)

Ayurveda Cooking & preparations of herbal medicines and oils

(One - Two week)

Identification and uses of common herbs and spices

(One - Two week)

Ayurveda ways of life-style management

(One week)

Training program in Yoga

(One - Two week)

The above mentioned training programs are just a small combination offered by us. We can make specific changes as desired by our trainees. He / She can choose subjects of his/her interest from the following list of courses also. We can arrange customized training program on subjects of personal interest.

If you are not sure to decide what courses will be suitable for you, please write our expert Ayurveda professionals at info@pabayurveda.com to help you decide the most right combination for you. 


Our faculty members are team of highly qualified professional from the most well known Ayurveda institutes in India, (credentials upon request), they all have a strong English back ground.

Training Fees:

Training fees depends upon the duration of our training program. The fees will be applicable as below for the year of 2008. 

  1. One week - US$ 339.00

  2. Two week - US$ 579.00

  3. Three week - US$ 819.00

  4. Four week - US$ 1059.00

  5. Five week - US$ 1279.00

  6. Six week - US$ 1489.00

  7. Seven week - US$ 1709.00

  8. Eight week (2 months)- US$ 1919.00

  9. Three months (12 weeks) - US$ 2795.00

  10. Six month - US$ 4795.00

  11. One Year - US$ 8395.00

* Transpareny is maintained at all levels of our training. There will be no hidden charges for oils or herbs that will be used during practical training.

Special offers:

  • If you are a group of 2 to 5 people we will offer you 10% discount straight.

  • If you are a group of more than 5 people, there are special rates for you, please contact us at info@pabayurveda.com.

Our location and accommodation:

Our center is in Jaipur, Rajasthan,  known for its heritage culture. Our city is a great tourist and shoppers paradise in the pink city of India. It is very easy to arrive in Jaipur by air, train or road; we are  just 275 Kilometer from Delhi (the capital of India).

We can also arrange pickup facility from local (Jaipur) airport as well as from Delhi International Airport at your wish. We would need a prior flight details to arrange a ferrie for you. 

We arrange accommodation in near by hotels or give you the details of hotels near by according to your budget.

How to register:

We arrange training program regularly at our center. Since our training programs are customized so generally they are arranged at your convenient dates.

Please contact us at mailto:info@pabayurveda.com to discuss the subjects of your interests. We shall get back to you immediately with further details. Or Click Here for online FREE registration.