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Herbal Compounds - www.pabayurveda.com

Ajmodadi  churna

Useful in rheumatism and allied complaints


Avipattikar churna

Manages acidity, gastritis, anorexia, improves digestion and appetite. 


Useful in congestion and bronchial diseases.


Hingwastak churna

Useful in flatulence and improves digestion.

Panchasakar churna

Purgative, carminative herbs useful in improving digestion and relieves constipation.

Talishadi churna

Useful in congestion and bronchial diseases.


Sitopaladi churna

Used in colds, congestion and bronchial diseases.


Lavana bhaskara chura

Used to pacify Vata and stimulate Agni; useful in indigestion, piles and constipation


Triphala churna

Good for all doshas, improves digestion and cleanses GI tract.

Amalaki Rasayana

Anti oxidant anti aging it prevents against free radicals, anti inflammatory, anti microbial, Promotes better skin tone, Supports heart, fortifies liver and enhances nutritional absorption it alleviates all three doshas.

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