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Herbal Oils - www.pabayurveda.com

Name of oil


Brahmi Amala oil

Nutritive herbal hair oil

Ksheer Bala oil

Useful for abhyang, nasya and vata disorders and is good for Pitta-Vata constitution.

Mahanarayana oil

Useful in rheumatism and allied complaints, very good for abhyang therapies and enema. 

Mahamasha oil

Herbal oil for nutritive abhyang.

Mahabringraja oil

Nutritive herbal hair oil.

Prasarni oil

Herbal oil for abhyang and alleviation of Vata kapha.

Chandana bala lakshadi oil

Used externally for abhyang for person with aggravated pitta.

Brihat Saindhavadi oil

Used for abhyang and basti (enema).

Dasmool oil

Used for abhyang in vata constitution person.

Dhanvantara oil

Very useful oil for abhyang and shirodhara especially in treatments of Paralysis, Rheumatism, sciatica etc. and for people with vata constitution.

Narayana oil

Used for nasya, abhyang and basti (enema).

 Bala Ashwagandha oil

Useful as nutritive abhyang and provides strength to muscle tissues.

Anu oil

 Useful in nasya as nasal drops and sirodhara.

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